This project is not maintained anymore.

After many years of working on Gekko, I’ve decided to stop my involvement in maintaining this project. You can read more about this decision on medium.

I’m now putting all my focus on my new prop trading firm Folkvang. You can find an article about that here on Coindesk.

If you’re interested in following this new journey, feel free to add me on Twitter.

Best of luck to everyone in their trading. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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Tradebot #

You can set Gekko up as a tradebot, this will instruct Gekko to:

As with everything in Gekko, the tradebot will make decisions based on the strategy selected/configured/created by YOU. If you end up losing money, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Configuration #

First, set up Gekko for commandline usage (see this document for details). After that, configure the following plugins:

Turn off the paperTrader (there can only be 1 trade plugin active per instance).

Once done, run Gekko like so:

node gekko --config your-config-file.js