This project is not maintained anymore.

I have stopped all my involvement in maintaining this project.

Read more details on medium.

That said, I am trading more than ever via my new company Folkvang!

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Getting Help #

Are you getting stuck installing or using Gekko? Are you struggling with understanding Gekko? Running into problems creating your own plugin or strategy? Do you want to discuss awesome things you want to do with Gekko? This page will explain what to do!

Online community #

If you have trouble with anything specific or you want to provide any type of feedback the online community is the place to be. You can find the community at:

  1. The online webforum
  2. The discord channel

These communities are the place for things like:

Technical discussion #

The links above are always the first place to go to when discussing new features. But if you've found a clear bug or you want to keep the complete discussion 100% technical (meaning completely code and architecture related) you can use the bug tracker on github. Note that we are trying to keep all other discussions out of the bug tracker to keep the whole thing manageable :)