This project is not maintained anymore.

I have stopped all my involvement in maintaining this project.

Read more details on medium.

That said, I am trading more than ever via my new company Folkvang!

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Wrapper API #

Gekko Broker is a library that sits between trading applications and Gekko Broker Exchange Wrappers. Which means it has two APIs to communicate with other code:

diagram describing Gekko Broker API interface

This document descibres the API layer between the exchange wrappers and Gekko Broker.

Wrapper API spec #

The current API documentation is currently located here.

Wrapper API Changelog #

Gekko 0.5.x to Gekko (Broker) 0.6.0 #

NOTE: this API design might still have minor changes leading up to the release of Gekko 0.6. See this thread for more information.